For six consecutive years, NFL’s salary cap rose sharply to 188 million in the new season.

The salary cap of NFL has been raised again! According to Ian Rapoport, an insider of the NFL network, the NFL officially determined that the maximum salary cap for the team in 2019 was $188.2 million. In 2018, the cap was $177.2 million, adds Tom Pericello, a well-known NFL network journalist. This is the sixth consecutive year that the cap has been raised by at least $10 million, thanks to continued growth in alliance revenue.

The confirmation of the figure of 188.2 million is the result of negotiations between the NFL League and the Players’Association, mainly linked to league revenue. This does not include welfare costs, a source said, this year each team’s welfare costs are about $40.5 million, which is used to pay retired players’pensions, medical insurance costs, injury protection costs and performance pay. Together with this expenditure, the total cost allocation for each team will be around $228.7 million.

In 2019, a “senior performance pay” category was added to performance pay, which is only applicable to players who have one or more seasons of outstanding performance. The total performance pay of each team is about $7.2 million, of which $2.6 million will be used for the new “veteran performance pay” allocation, which allows the team to reward veteran players who perform better than the contract amount. For example, a veteran runner who has a multi-million-year contract but runs out of the top five of the League to enter the career bowl has the chance to get the performance award, while a rookie has no chance to get the money.

However, for teams with low total wages, can players be paid less? This is not the case. The 2011 Labor Agreement provides for two four-year window periods during which teams must pay at least 89% of their cap costs in cash; any team that fails to meet this expenditure ratio at the end of a four-year term must pay in cash to the nfl players jerseys who have served during that period to make up the difference. So it’s not that signing a group of rookies can save a lot of money. The team pays a minimum wage.

According to statistics from the NFL Players Association, four teams currently pay 89% less than their salary caps. Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills, Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans. So if the four teams have any big contracts or heavy players to sign in the future, please don’t be surprised, because they can’t save the money, instead of giving the players the final share, they can use it to renew or quote.

However, the labor agreement in 2011 will expire in 2020, and the league and the players’Union have not discussed the new cheap jerseys online agreement in substance.