Barack Obama Plays football with Teenagers

It’s self-evident that American football is bringing heat to the United States. In many cases, a football match can even attract the attention of the President of the United States. On Wednesday, the National Youth Academy in Washington ushered in a heavyweight quarterback, former President Barack Obama. The 57-year-old took part in an extracurricular activity for children aged 8 to 13 at the school. During his interaction with the children, he made a guest appearance as a quarterback and passed on a winning streak.

Mr. Obama applauded and encouraged these growing young sports stars. During the event, he played football jerseys with a group of excited children. He played the role of quarterback and passed the ball to Stephen Osborne in fifth grade. When the 10-year-old boy caught the ball and finished winning, Obama shouted, “Beautiful job!”

In an interview, Stephen Jr. talked about some thoughts. “He threw hard, but the ball’s trajectory was not very straight. Then those guys jumped at me and I heard Barack Obama say,’Where’s my little man?’ Then help me up and say to me,’Beautiful job!’ This activity aims to use extracurricular activities to cultivate the personality, academic and health status of underserved adolescents in Washington. At the end of the activity, he made some speeches to the children. He encouraged the children to say that they would make great achievements. “You will bring about real change, and I will be proud of you.”

The guest quarterback threw out his arrival line to cheer the whole audience.

In addition to football, Obama played softball with the children. During his presidency, he was known for his love of sports jerseys china. He was born in Chicago and was naturally a loyal fan of the Chicago Bears. When he was in office in 2016 to welcome the then Super Bowl champion Denver Mustangs, he did not forget to mention a “1985 Bears” enough to show his deep love for his mother team. On the eve of the presidential election, he was also concerned about Monday night’s game between the Bears and the Hawks, and called the Bears crazily. In addition, he is a loyal fan of the NBA team Chicago Bulls. And according to the feedback from the NBA stars who had played with him before, Barack Obama even sprayed garbage on the basketball court! Perhaps it is such a strong personality and positive attitude that made him successful in politics. As for his level as a quarterback, he is somehow more than Aron Rogers, at least he has the same tough heart as Longo.

Mr. Obama himself was also very happy. He tweeted, “I’m very happy to go out to eat yesterday. I had a good time with these outstanding young people. Thank you for letting me come here, and thank the National Youth Academy for its outstanding work in supporting young people in Washington.”

Well, since the former president is so enthusiastic about football jerseys wholesale and is currently in suspension, how about a wave of training camps for the Bears?