NFL Jet Team has a basket of injuries and illnesses! Star security guards volunteered to change to corner guards

The New York Jet Fleet has been on hot search recently, but most of the reasons for their attention are not good. So that the sudden retirement of the Chandler Catanzaro is not an emergency. At present, the situation of the team is the most serious. The most urgent problem to be solved is the injury of the corner guard. With the injury of Trumaine Johnson, the corner guard of the jet fleet suddenly reached a point where no one was available.

Johnson strained his tendon during training on Sunday, and then underwent a team’s magnetic resonance imaging. Although no definite New York Jets Jerseys results were released, speculation was that the team’s corner guard might miss the first week of the regular season against Bill. “We need time to solve the problem,” said Adam Gase, the new Jet Fleet manager. “I don’t think it’s an injury that will keep him out for months, but we will actively watch his recovery every week.”

The team’s poorly staffed corner guards have even put Jamal Adams in a hurry, and he said in an interview after Monday’s training that he could even play a guest role in the corner guard.

“If the team needs me to play corner guard, it’s incumbent on me,” Adams said. “The situation is too serious.

The Jets spent a lot of money during the off-season to supplement some star players, but in the corner guard position, they were desperate for money. Knowing that last season’s main guard Morris Claiborne could be suspended for four games, the Jets did not renew his contract but watched him join the Emirates. The original team’s guard line-up should be a three-man rotation between Darryl Roberts and the former Falcons’guard Brian Poole.

Ironically, the team just laid off Derrick Jones on Saturday, and Johnson was injured the New York Jets Jerseys next day, replacing him with Kyron Brown. It was a last resort. As a result, during Monday’s training, Johnson’s substitute Keelung Brown was injured and put on the injury list. The way he was injured was the same as Johnson’s, tendon strain!

At present, the team’s third guard is Arthur Maulet, the lost draft in 2017 is an absolute tramp, playing three teams for three years, has not been able to take a firm foothold in the league. Jets will pay the price for their “stingy” corner position, but even so, Coach Geith said, “I don’t think it’s a serious problem. It’s a good opportunity for many people. It’s time for them to stand up and make a name for themselves.”

However, it is estimated that Williams will not let Adams play corner guard. The sixth-ranking security guard selected by the team in the first round of 2017 is a tough fighter on the defensive axis of the Jets, which is indispensable for the team’s second-line defense. If we simply consider the physical conditions of the confrontation, and ignore the coverage of the defensive area, the cost will be more serious. After all, the electric fly swatter is not good enough to buy an ordinary one. You don’t have to bombard it with a cannon.