The Vikings took over Doctson in the first round before signing the contract

On September 3, the Vikings took the first round of 2016, which others did not want, after cutting off a first round of 2016 outsourcing.

Laquon Treadwell was cut and Josh Doctson jerseys online was signed. Neither of them had been claimed before, and the Vikings signed a one-year contract with Doctson today.

Doctson is Red Skin’s No. 22 show in 2016, but his performance is unstable and vulnerable. He missed most of the games because of his Achilles tendon injury in the rookie year. In the end, he started 26 games for Red Skin. The contract option for the fifth year was not implemented.

Doctson eventually made 81 catches for Red Skin, pushed 1100 yards and reached eight. That’s at least a lot better than Redwell, who played 40 games, only started 15 of them, completed 56 catches, pushed 517 yards and reached the field once.

Kirk Cousins and Doctson are old acquaintances. In the 2017 season,Minnesota Vikings jerseys Doctson had the second most passes (78), but he only completed 35 of them, with a catch rate of 44.9%, ranking fifth from the bottom of the league’s outsiders who had received at least 50 passes.