The new generation of NFL missed the Brady Manning duel.

When the new season is scheduled, viewers will see the fifth week Sunday night match as the chief of Kansas City against the pony pony. No need for more gimmicks, many people will expect the match early. Because this game is likely to be the top two quarterbacks in the United States in the next five years — Patrick Mahomes VS Andrew Luck jersey.

(Andrew Luck) declared retirement.

Nevertheless, no one expected that Lack would suddenly announce his retirement before the start of the new season. He confessed that the heavy injuries made him lose his enthusiasm for the game, wishing him all the best in his retirement life, but unfortunately. Although (Jacoby Brissett) performed well in the first four matches of the cavalry team and scored more than 100 points in passing, we still have to apologize to him, especially when a super quarterback like Holmes arrived.

Today the United States, Tom Brady is 42 years old, playing for 3 years at most, and the remaining two outstanding Ben Roethlisberger (Philip Rivers) and the remaining time of career will not be more than 5 years.

If at the end of last season, a group of top quarterback dubbed leaders of the next 10 years is to be found, many people will choose the script of “Holmes VS Clark”, and even they may become the classic quarterback match of Brady VS big Manning in the past decade. Unfortunately, with Lack’s retirement, such a confrontation can only exist in fans’imagination and rugby games.

Last season’s regular season MVP and the best attacking player, Ma Holmes, are still on the high side of the season. After four matches, 1510 yards have been passed, and the number of passing passes may exceed 6000 yards. This is undoubtedly a great performance. Ma and Lark met in the playoffs last season, and then Ma defeated Lark. Unfortunately, this is probably the only direct dialogue for the two people unless Lark returns.

“The confrontation between two top quarterbacks in the league is often not possible.NFL JERSEYS Cheap We also hope to meet Lack, which will be a huge challenge considering his past achievements. It’s a pity that he can’t play, so we’ll only focus on Brissette.”

Bridgeland’s statement is not humble. In fact, Brissett has done well this season. Although the cavalry’s current performance is only 2-2, Blissett has reached 10 times in the league, the most league with Ma Holmes. And it ranks 11th in the NFL pass score.

With the retirement of lark, for Ma Holmes, in theory, he was also the largest competitor in the United States and the United States from the southern part of the United States, and the same year he entered NFL (Deshaun Watson). Ma Holmes will lead the team to stay at home and wait for the arrival of the team. The game wasn’t a night game, and the League might regret that decision.

“I really believe that he will reach the level of LAK now in the next few years,” said the former pirate general manager, “many people are not aware of his potential yet. From an athlete’s point of view, he has an elite level of ability, first-rate arm endowment, competition wisdom and leadership.”

“It’s really bad that he can’t play, but everyone needs to respect his decision. His competitors will appear unexpectedly, jerseys from china and the league has always been like this; if you lose one opponent, you will be challenged by another opponent, which is the charm of the game.