sports news glycopyrronium NFL superstar Kowski is no doubt, even standing on the sidelines cheering on the team, he is still able to help get the Patriot five Super Bowl champion, of course, compared to the super bowl after winning the joy and excitement now enjoy more hot Gelon offseason brought him. For example, don’t play it up around the party girl, Gelon, enjoy life, this is definitely the most love activities in their spare time Gelon, but occasionally with other friends across a field, entertainment is Gelon things with love, such as the United States in April 2nd, WWE annual Wrestlemania XXVI, Gelon with his exquisite interpretation outstanding personality charm, vivid interpretation of a wrestling contest, he helped the magic beat friends labor – Hamar Jinde also detonated the game open up a fresh outlook. Of course, won the game magic – labor it is natural to thank Gelon, so just at Wrestlemania held in Las Vegas, two people to party a cousin.

The party has natural and ultimately DJ nfl jerseys, swimming pool and beautiful, uniform bikinis back, DJ plays music, Madden notes, flying around, all with ‘Magic center Gelon labor crowd high crazy, two people would show their majestic act undisguisedly muscles, two people hand a bottle of champagne. After shaking crazy with drinks champagne shower bath, the scene was not hold very exciting.

Gelon hand magic bottle with a total labor sway with golden champagne, to drink crazy shake the bottle, let the champagne sprayed in a swimsuit babes beautiful carcass, Carnival girls enjoy with a fine, delicious wine moisture, keep flying their full twist, breasts, shaking bounce Johnson hip, feel the city’s most open enthusiasm in the land of Las Vegas, and the joy of dance with Gelon, hugging the side look surprised a little girl with happiness, and a hot dance, the girls themselves can be selected as a partner of Gelon and happy, get the huge body of lattice can meet all the girl’s fantasy. Dressed in bikinis and does not cover any skin, the flowers seem to cluster powder from the edge popping, shy face, neck flushed arm, hand light Yukou, torn underwear towel, warm tenderness fishes dark, young girl like the warm fire, a micro light groan Yin, the peach river floating dew soft fragrance, heart is tianjin.

Like the open character of the players’ Gelon often appear in all kinds of recreational activities, such as he often attend various U.S. talk show, he was even in the Jimmy show off show feather bodyguard play funny, like playing the driver out of the passenger yuho makeup would be to gloon trifles, when he surprised to feel happy for the passengers to see their true colors. A recent gloon with his entertainment temperament in front of everybody in the patriot to visit the White House this year, he decisively broke into the White House press office, the White House spokesman Spicer funny scene, Gelon suddenly appeared Spicer got confused, he asked, “if you need help send plug” attracted everyone laugh, too is the “Star” Gelon completed their mission of it, like the clown outside there are many anecdotes, is a funny thing.

But however, the love that Gelon pool party, beauty flocks, wine clouds, casually tease a girl with eyes and champagne dialogue, they easily capture beauty probation. Menzerna spray champagne, clever girl playing sound, like the face, light moving lips, relieve embroidered Ku, graceful slender waist is like a light cloud, leisurely swing, Gelon stroking sunglasses, lick dry lips, ferocious. Beauty Jiao eyes depressed, panic, but hide all around the wild, light lift, feet rub peach, jump jump, flower heart light fold, dew clear peony open, pool wholesale jerseys nfl surface is also surging tide

NFL superstar Ke Hayashi in the offseason swimwear

G Ron Kowski is a good player, the new England patriots is also known as the super star, where he went, where there will be rendez vous, not to mention Gelon as well as a burly, handsome entertainment cells, are a girl was lost to gloon entranced, invited to the party. It is the Supreme gloon glory, let alone can be spotted gloon. Through the flowers, Gelon’s eclectic tour still continues, I do not know the next Gelon party will be the case?