The ultimate prediction of awards in 2019: MVP has little suspense, and the best attacker and defender are confused

After the packers took back the leading position in North China, another suspense dust settled in NFL in the past 100 years, which means that players have only one week to break records and win the favor of judges in the selection of major awards. This article will show you where the major awards of regular season are going to belong to?

Comeback Award

Prize winning probability: 60% for garropolo and 40% for Tennessee

There are not many players worthy of the title of comeback this season: cowboy star center Travis Frederick is selected into the professional bowl, but this year is obviously not at the top, and there is no precedent in the history of winning the comeback award on the offensive front; crow security guard Earl Thomas is outstanding enough, but more dependent on the advanced system of crow; ram took over Cooper Kapp In the first eight weeks, I have finished five 100 yard catches, but in the last seven weeks, I have received less than 40 yards on average, and I have left high and low.

According to the practice of player selection over the years, most of the candidates are technical positions and quarterbacks. This year’s candidates are still from quarterback positions: Jimmy garropollo, a 49 man player, has led the team to win 12 games, or even to win the pole position of the League of nations, except that he is expected to cut nearly 4000 + 30 beautiful data at the end of the season. The only drawback between the United States and China is that his play is not stable enough 。 Another candidate comes from Ryan tennessel of Titan. Starting from the bench in the season, he has now become one of the hottest quarterbacks in the league. He has the highest passing score in the league and leads Titan with average strength to become a playoff hit. If Titan succeeds in overtaking the Steelman to become the No.2 foreign card of the United States at the end of the season, tennessel’s hope of being elected will increase greatly.

Best coach Jersey Award

Prize winning probability: 50% for Hubble, 30% for McDermott and 20% for small sanahan

The award has a lot to do with the team’s performance, and the famous coaches are relatively unpopular with the judges. The “senior four” bellicek, Sean Payton, Peter Carroll and Andy reed are not even in the candidates,. The packer’s Matt lefrouer led the team back to the north of the country, but it seems that defense coordinator Mike cheap jerseys wholesale petting had more credit; the Steelman’s Mike Tomlin, who relied on the team’s No.3 quarterback after losing “3B”, chased the playoffs, but once Titan took away the American League No.

Looking back on the past winners, there are two criteria: first, leading a team that is not expected to achieve good results; second, the results are significantly higher than the previous year. According to this standard, this year’s candidates are the following three: Kyle Shanahan led 49 people to win eight more games than last year, from the penultimate record of the League of nations to the number one record of the League of nations; Sean McDermott led bill to complete the first ten winning season of the new century, and the defensive coaching ability is obvious to all. And who is the biggest hit? After losing Joe fraco and defense veteran, John Hubble led the ravens to the first record of the league, and trained Lamar Jackson to become an MVP. He hasn’t failed in nearly three months. Such visual impact is too shocking, but there is only one disadvantage. Last season, the ravens have been focusing on defense.

MVP jerseys sales

Winning probability: Jackson 100%

If three weeks ago, the fierce competition of MVP tends to be white hot. At the end of the 13th week, Russell Wilson of Seahawk has 3100 + yards. The first three quarterbacks in the League pass scores, four fourth quarter reversals and five wave finishing competitions all lead the league. Seahawk also ranks the first record of the league with 10-2 losses. Seahawk relies more on Wilson than any team for quarterback Dependency, in other words, if the crow loses Jackson, maybe the record will not decline too much, but the Seahawk loses Wilson, and it’s absolutely over! However, the Seahawk lost two civil wars between China and the West in the recent three games, Wilson’s performance was mediocre, and he gave Jackson the MVP trophy directly.

Speaking of Jackson, in addition to passing a few yards, other performance is perfect! Breaking the League quarterback’s record nike nfl jerseys cheap for the number of charging yards, the league’s highest number of passes and the third highest passing score, he didn’t know what it was like to lose for nearly three months. He was a lightning bolt, a smoke and a whirlwind, a bug that the League couldn’t solve. Considering that Jackson was only 22 years old, even though Wilson showed a similar performance, according to the league’s idea of “making new stars”, this year’s MVP award, It’s impossible to leave others alone!