Ravens Manager: will try to renew as many players as possible, Matthew judon will have a high priority

As a result of the unexpected loss to Titan, crow boss John Harbaugh’s focus changed. From how to stop Patrick mahome to how to stop the loss of core players.

Hubble said: “we will try to renew as many players as possible. Matthew judon will have a high priority We hope to get him back. ”

Zhu Dong is a five round show in 2016 and is about to become an unrestricted free agent. In the impact of quarterback more and more important at the moment, rookie contract has just ended the rush to cross the hand has always been a winner.

Last year, Zhu Dong finished 9.5 times of catching and killing, a career high, and 4 times forced to drop the ball and 33 times of quarterback impact. Marlon Humphrey and Earl Thomas were the only ones on the ravens team to play more defense. Since 2016, Zhu Dong has completed 28.5 arrests and kills, ranking 31st in the league in the same period.

In addition to Zhu Dong, Hubble plans to execute the Baltimore Ravens jerseys online contract options of Brandon Carr, the corner guard, Jimmy Smith, Michael Pierce, the defensive interceptor and Patrick onwuar, the lineman.