Dissatisfied with teammates or afraid of concussion

Big Ben moment

The Roethlisberger (Ben) does not guarantee to play again after 2017 season.

There are many reasons why he may not continue his campaign. From hope to spend more time with his family to the hope that he can avoid long-term serious injuries, in an interview, he made a very persuasive argument, which is similar with him at the end of last season after showing the idea of retirement.

In interviews, Ben said he had played in the League for 14 years, and the average career of league players could be just 3 to 3 and a half years. He tried to spend time with family in Hugh season but as players with family how many days will still be affected by. Many factors together — staying healthy and able to play with children — influenced his decision. He made a special mention of the recently published study of brain concussion in 90% of the players studied.

He also said his wife would support his decision to retire. But he still loves his teammates and the game itself, so he decided to return to play this year.

The 35 year old now claims his current thoughts are not due to his injuries last season. However, last season there were reports that he was not happy with some of his teammates.

So, apart from the fact that Ben has really expressed his thoughts, it is china jerseys nfl possible that he knows that the end of his near career can give his teammates a sense of urgency. If there is no big cannot become a hot contender champion steelers. At 35, it’s right to be complacent when the new season comes.

The retired ideas have been in circulation for a long time, and at present in this year of rookie Steelers array (Joshua Dobbs) and the four round of the 2013 show (Landry Jones). Are they ready for the day without Big Ben?

The finger dislocation still adhere to the game, lightning defender called Iron Man.

Barbosa game moment

Losangeles’s lightning defensive Bosa (Joey) is still plagued by injuries last season.

A reporter recently pointed out that the dislocation of the finger on Joey the season is still in the treatment phase, due to the recovery of the fingers, he did not take this offseason surgery, so it is likely that Joey will continue to continue to participate in the competition this season with his jerseys finger dislocation. Joey himself says there is no risk of injury when the dislocated finger is secured by tape, but if he forgets, it hurts.

Last season, Joey completed 10.5 kills in 12 games and injured his hamstring, which led to his absence for the first 4 weeks.

Maybe misplaced fingers can make his life difficult, but believing fingers won’t affect his 2017 season performance.