The new England patriots became the first league to buy plane team, and they just bought two.

According to informed sources revealed to ESPN patriot in the offseason purchased two Boeing 767 wide body aircraft and the aircraft all the seats for the transformation of first-class cabin seat level, some can be completely flat. At least one of the planes was painted with a team logo and five Super Bowl trophies on the tail.

Depending on the mileage and maintenance conditions, such aircraft usually cost between $5 million and $65 million. A new plane costs $200 million. According to people familiar with the matter, the two planes can fly longer distances, allowing them to fly for 12 hours without stopping.

One plane will perform its main flight this season, while the other will be in reserve. A patriot spokesman said team officials would not comment publicly on the purchase of the plane.

Since there are only 10 road games throughout the season, the past NFL team has not considered buying a special plane. But in the past few years, charter flights have become increasingly expensive, as major airlines have begun to talk about the retirement of large aircraft capable of carrying the entire team.

Large aircraft capable of carrying all players, as well as the team’s logistical personnel and equipment, were abandoned by airlines due to the need for full upgrades to the critical point of life.

Last year, American Airlines said they no longer undertake the Arizona Cardinals nfl jerseys online, Baltimore crow wholesale jerseys, Indianapolis colts, Jacksonville jaguars, Pittsburgh Steelers and Miami dolphins charter business. There are at least two teams — the Steelers and the dolphins, with only the Miami Airlines charter business operations.

The increasing cost of charter flights has made the NFL team more inclined to buy a special plane. People familiar with the matter say the 10 round trip costs up to $4 million a season.

It is expected that the team will be able to help the players recover after the game, which is one of the places that interest the patriots.

People familiar with the matter say the patriot will rent the plane during the season without the need for a special plane. It’s not yet known how much advertising the Patriots will make to recoup part of the cost.