Although there are some questions at the ball, play the play can not be stable but it is hard to say, but because of the performance of the season as the foundation, and Jackson, Beck and Howard etc. reinforcements to join, the new season is still very optimistic about the pirates could succeed in the Southern League of Nations to break potential enemies. For the 9 year in a row without playoff games, maybe it’s just this year.
Is expected to record: 10 wins and 6 losses, a disadvantage because of the small Miss Division title, the wild card playoff.

But relatively speaking, as a result of Jackson, the big name to take over to join, the pirates team pass attack generally favored by the outside world. Jackson last season in Washington, red skin to get thousands of yards, only 56 times catch the ball, career third times in the average number of yards per catch, this data ranks first in the league. As a speed – off player, he is believed to be able to complement Evans perfectly and elevate the team’s offensive performance to a notch.

In the draft, the current first quarter near Howard unexpectedly fell to nineteenth, has not been selected, so that the pirates feel that this opportunity can not be missed. Although last season the team’s main Bret performance stable, in order to strengthen the overall pass attack, the team still chose to Howard. Howard was a college football team of University of Alabama for two consecutive years in the universe, there are brave performance in long distance touchdowns in the national finals, it is used to see scenes of mr.. Howard and Jackson joined the team to catch the ball from Evans’s support, turned into an enviable Trident configuration. Although there is doubt about the attack of the ball attack, the passing attack of the pirate team can be expected.

The attacking side was similar to the defensive side, with quarterback Winston – and Mike – Evans, who played well last season and now joined Jackson. Although the quarterback’s position is more important, the attacking team’s star, Evans, is more worthy of the title than Winston, who is a minor. Evans is in good hands to take over in 2014, the first round of wholesale authentic jerseys the seventh position was selected, ranked thirteenth, has become superstar’s “Beckham” small Odell – Beckham before. Although the light was overshadowed by Odell, Evans’s performance is completely worthy of the name of the family took over, three consecutive years to catch more than 1000 yards. Different teams have different circumstances, so speed Odell joined the pirates, the performance may not be able to be better than the big Evans. Winston, the quarterback, joined the show as a champion show a year later, and now the two already have a deep understanding and will continue to give their opponents two lines a headache in the new season.

Defensive team

As mentioned earlier, last season, the pirates defensive team, led by Mccoy and David, once played wonderful performance. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been until the end of the season, otherwise the Vikings might have been in the playoffs. The whole team defense group had no obvious strengths or weaknesses, play the wonderful performance by the armed Yongming, single layer rather than rush to pass or linebacker or two line play. The punch line was led by Mccoy and David, who was a two – year – old Alexander. While the cornerback position is rookie Vernon – Owen Hargreaves and veteran Brent Grimes and combination.

In order to make the defense can play a more stable, but also to let the team lineup thickness in the offseason introduced defensive tackle Beck, linebacker Beck Vece, safety Wilcox and Justin Evans the new aid. Among them, Beck should be locked with Mccoy partner defensive front, the main position, so that the team’s front line is more powerful. Wilcox and Evans also made the team’s safety position became a galaxy of talents of choice.

Secret Service

Pirates last season’s secret service performance can be described as high and low. In order to play earlier in mlb jerseys the hand position to solve the problem of difficult to have the stable play team, the team in last year’s draft has a generous, in the second round selection from the most stable college football kicker Roberto Aguayo, the latter play a surprising two missed a 30 yard free kick, 6 missed 40 yard free kick, but also missed two extra points, the league is the worst performance in doubt. If it were not for the price of the second round, he would probably have already been cut. The offseason the team signed last season in the New York jets Nick Falk to compete with him, but also hope that he can shame Yong, hit the team expected stable performance in the new season.

In return, last season in Philadelphia Eagle once stunning performance return. Josh huff and accidentally cut off the pitch, the pirates picked up cheap. The offseason and Jackson join. Without accident, Huff and Jackson should be the team’s main players in the new season, and both of them are worth looking forward to.