Toni Romo retired when interpretation also want to play golf occupation

The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Toni Romo retired when the commentary went, of course, he has not yet started his own interpretation career, still staying at home by trying to find something to do, so he appears in the NBA team of the Dallas Mavericks bench wearing Jersey calf poor point play, then he appeared again in Dezhou the team Houston Dezhou ceremony, now Toni Romo to attend the US Open Golf Championship try. The former NFL player wants to continue his pursuit of the championship, of course, on the golf jerseys china course.

This month, Toni and 9500 other men registered by the U.S. Open qualification, he is ready to begin the game from the U.S. Open qualifying tournament, the United States Monday Toni Romo attended a local qualifier, if Romo to be able to successfully, so he has a chance to participate in the second stage of qualifying.

Of course, this is not the first time Toni Romo to play golf, golf qualifying 2010 Romo to try for the first time but failed to qualify, then in order to better keep the football game, he once gave up playing golf, but retired after his passion for golf can not suppress, every offseason Romo playing golf however, this offseason he participated in the game of golf decisive. I hope Toni can find the feeling by on the golf course, there are a lot of players will play golf to occupation in retirement, Phelps like the famous swimmer Michael – who had played in the golf game, although did not get what.

Running guard Justin – Fawcett retires

The former Baltimore Ravens star run guard Justin Fawcett chose to end his career, and on Wednesday, Fawcett announced the news.

Justin Fawcett NFL spent nine years of time, he has played for six teams, but he only in the Baltimore crow team had achieved greatest success in career, in 2014 he completed a 1266 yard rushing row at the time the union of fifth, when he was selected for the successful season the all star team.

Fawcett showed what he had done. He told people how he overcame one difficulty after another and continued to stay strong in the union. He formally declared his retirement on his twitter, and then expressed his affection for NFL and football,

“It was a wonderful journey, thanks to every move from rugby.”. I remember many reports at that time that I couldn’t have been successful at NFL. They said I couldn’t get tall, and said I was running 40 yards too slowly. They considered everything about me, but only did not consider my big heart, my belief, and my persistence.” Fawcett expressed passionately.

The player’s career is very inspirational, he in 2008 seventh round draft pick by the Seattle Seahawks 233 election, he narrowly lost the chance of NFL. Fawcett is 31 years old this year, nine years of his career, he completed a total of 3890 yards, 19 goals to complete the ball array. Last season he was in Baltimore, the Detroit lions and cheap mlb jerseys the crow played for the Denver broncos, he rushed the ball 87 times and scored a total of 291 yards with 1 touchdowns.

49 new talent declines due to shoulder injury

The former University of Alabama linebacker Reuben Forster was once considered to be among the first five rookies this year, but in the end he was in thirty-first place was the San Francisco team of 49 people selected, this is people more shocking, but in the details, do not understand the question.

As a result of the University’s shoulder problem, many teams are worried that this will affect Forster’s career after NFL, even after surgery, Forster’s right shoulder is still the team and its concerns. Many teams worry Forster may have to conduct additional shoulder surgery, but Forster is still the United rookie training camp and the medical staff quarrel, then left early, obviously a lot of teams received this information, all of these are the concerns of the team. As a result of these considerations, Forster’s draft left behind, until 49 people in San Francisco were selected.

49 Medical Group believes that Forster’s injury is a promising control, they do not worry about the problem of Forster, after the communication at the same time in its call, 49 people chose the decisive linebacker, the achievements of a successful talent.