New York giants’ new season’s fortunes. With Eli Manning no longer young, his athletic state also fell, the New York giants are going all out to catch the small tail of the Manning era, the top ones again trying to. However, the time for the giants is probably not much. Last season, 13 years of Tom Coughlin era ended, the Mcadoo first picked up the head coach of the New York giants coach, led the 11 wins and 5 losses in the regular season record cut. It was the first time the giants had returned to the NFL playoffs after winning the long Bardi cup in 2011. It was a good start, but the giants lost their way in the winter at Portland stadium, ending the season with a frustrating defeat. So, can the giants of the season expect a better end?

Two consecutive offseason operation of the New York giants around to regain the Super Bowl theme. Before Eli Manning retired, the formation of a strong lineup have the title race to become the team management has been the goal of. A year ago, the team spent 200 million dollars to rebuild their own defense system, and this offseason they bought wide receiver Brandon Marshall, hoping to produce a chemical reaction between him and Manning can be wonderful. Defensive tackle Jonathan Haskins’s departure is the only loss of defensive group. Darwin – Tomlinson in the General Assembly on the draft pick in the giant from the University of Alabama and graduated from University of Mississippi in the near end Evan – Hankins Engelamu, not only to fill the vacancy, and also to attack the ball end Eli Manning added a fresh choice. Offensive line D.J. fluker join finally let the New York giants offensive line looked reduced to fragments initially formed, more importantly, Beckham’s fifth year contract execution options and renew the proximal front will Tairang giants continue to maintain the depth in the catcher lineup. Although the veteran Victor – Rashard – Jennings Cruze and chose to leave, but the giants of the radiant light and growth Paul Perkins took over the team will relieve the fans for the two people missing. Most importantly, the giants and Jason – Pierre – Paul completed the early renewal of the contract. The returned defensive superstar will put pressure on New York giants to pass the ball over the next few years. The players’ role in the new season will be analysed in subsequent players’ positions.

All eyes of the New York giants were focused on Odell Beckham. As is known to all, New York is a city of sleepless nights, where people are naturally more interested in more things. After Josh and Brown’s door intercom violence scandal, the only one able to overwhelm the big stone giants is perhaps the lack of mature Odell – Beckham.

In the game, little Beckham has become a top key player, but the New York giants jerseys seem to rely too much on the league’s first team from the Louisiana State University. In his first playoff career, little Beckham’s performance was like sleepwalking. It also sounded a wake-up call for the New York giants’ attack team. They need more variety of offensive choices.

After realizing the team’s offensive over reliance on Beckham, the New York giants before the introduction of the abandoned city rivals Brandon marshall. The tall 193cm catcher was one of the giants’ top ever players in history. Manning has always wanted to have a reliable pass target, especially in the red area. Brandon Marshall, plus Stryn took over the slot played Sheppard will attract more attention to the defense group. I believe the new season, little Beckham will get more opportunities, the New York giants outside the attack will also be more exciting and diverse.

Prospects for the new season:

Giants not only retained last season’s defensive lineup, but also added new weapons at the offensive end. So we can believe that they will be in the NL East talent shows itself fighting stalemate. But the giants’ goal is not just to get into the playoffs so easily, they want to win every game and win the super bowl.

Perhaps the ultimate goal of the giants is not realistic, they messed up the offensive line will still bring enormous pressure to Eli Manning. The giants’ ground runs, attacks, and key ball handling are also limited by the lack of attack fronts. Although the giants have many good catcher, maybe Manning doesn’t have enough time to finish his pass. Although the giants nfl jerseys have many explosive running guards, it is unlikely that the offensive line will create enough space for them.

The team is in a position to win 10 games and compete against the Dallas cowboys in the Eastern Conference Champions league. But we should not expect more of them before the giants’ offensive line is up.

Expected record: 10-6.