“WeTheFans” (Translation: “we are Chinese fans”) in the long-awaited eyes opened a mysterious veil, the first episode aired after it immediately aroused heated debate in the United States reddit famous fans in the network forum. What kind of documentary does a documentary that touches countless Americans? After the announcement of the Tencent broadcast, we can finally check it out today!

Look ahead of the trailer after the pilot, you can’t help but be attracted to the unique perspective of producers and directors, they will be shot from the fierce competition in all move to let the fans really become stands on the whole documentary. Perhaps the occupation player that exudes a star aura of life some far away from us, but the fans group is very close to us, close enough to make us resonate, have a sense of substitution, even be able to see our own shadow from the documentary of the fans of every hue.

In the first episode, we will follow the opening of a magnificent scene, came to the United States and the third largest city of Chicago, came to this winter due to harsh climate and famous “Windy City”, enjoy it has a long history, is the one and only traditional characteristics, and has been fully integrated into the team culture and the blood of the whole city. Our tour guide, Chicago bears 250 beer brother Terry home court stands, the pub will take you shuttle in Chicago, special snack shop, even the barber shop, you will be amazed at the everywhere here on the Chicago bears the mark, let you out still can feel it personally on the scene. Diffuse in Chicago in the high streets and back lanes, the deep love of nfl football jerseys.

Since it’s a documentary about the fans, the main thing to see as an audience is the passion of the fans and the love of the team. I’m very grateful that the documentary has shown this theme so thoroughly that we feel the fans’ extraordinary enthusiasm and love for the team. Once a month to get together to watch the football game on Sunday actually become a link between the Tang with family members, and all the players before the game by the family line dancing to the team morale way when I was laughing at the same time and the warm family atmosphere and deep infection.

Super fans Schafer took out the wedding money and friends to play a game with a $200 bet, that is not too concerned about the sport’s fiancee was furious, the game and his girlfriend can not have both the dilemma that the same super fans. Radio DJ Luxi game each day to get up at 5:30 in the morning drove 3 hours to play, two high school when he met partner Silvia and Sue 30 years as one day regardless of the weather together watching the ball, this make me shame and envy. Silvia and her ex husband to season ticket ownership was in court, also really make me tongue. After watching this episode, the fans are almost fanatical about the team and the competition.

It is beyond my previous imagination, and also has a further understanding and understanding of NFL’s unique charm.

First, there is also welfare broadcasting. In 1985, Mike, the coach of the Legendary Super Bowl champion team, will smoke cigars while sharing your thoughts and feelings about the unique culture of Ditka fans. There are also detailed descriptions of the fans’ watching culture, and the most famous one is “tailgate”, which is called “parking barbecue””. This kind of party culture is common to all teams. Whether in Chicago, or in Boston, or in New Orleans, Seattle, Miami, as long as the match of the day, you can see the team jersey fans dressed in enjoying beer, barbecue delicacy, feel with American characteristics and football with leisure life. Therefore, you can also take the film as a window, from the details to the whole, and thoroughly and thoroughly understand the unique American football jersey culture.

In the first 30 minutes long, can let you show on the 8 episode documentary the ESPN effort to have a general understanding. The film has a very large feature is in accordance with the schedule of the Chicago bears the home court order, in each episode the end will bring you to experience a soldier stadium, watching the scene of the stimulus, and the fans here the same fate, together to defeat a victory with chagrin to celebrate. In the first place, we will witness the Chicago cubs’ home opener in the 2016-17 season, and the bears’ clash with the Philadelphia hawks. With beer by brother Terry bus station, fully equipped for, is the immediate Chicago bears a history of soldiers stadium. Are you ready? Let’s go into the stadium and listen to the story of our fans.

As a senior sports fans and critics, “WeTheFans”, see the first set after it is enough, I give 8 points and nfl strongly recommend this documentary, feel the love of football the most sincere and culture together.