NFL 32 teams finally submitted their new list of 53 people for the new season. The Denver Broncos cut out of the locker room core T.J. Ward, the Dallas Cowboys gave up backup quarterback Killen Moore, the giants wide receiver Victor Cruz also failed to get a space for one person in Chicago. Let’s review the NFL32 teams’ worth mentioning operations on the name sheet submission day.

american league east

Buffalo Bills

In the list of 53 national people’s Congress before the end of a few hours, the Bill team from the Carolina Panthers team traded for wide receiver / return Specialist – Kerin clay, and a 2019 seventh round draft pick, they sent for the 6 round of the 2016 show, cornerback Kefeng – samuel.

Miami dolphins

The dolphins didn’t make any major redundancies. Three players in 2016 rounds of low draft was released, including cornerback Jordan Lucas, tight end Thomas Duarte and backup quarterback Brandon doherty.

New England Patriots

To complete the transaction with the Indiana colts, backup quarterback Kobe sent Jia Bulisaite, received wide receiver Philip Dorset. Two year old student center and whistle striker Ted Callas was unexpectedly cut off from University of Illinois. He was selected by the Patriots in the sixth round last year.

New York jets nfl jerseys

20 of the jet’s 53 men’s roster have been playing for less than two years, including 8 new talent players. The average age of the team is the youngest.

Midland North

Baltimore crow

Interestingly enough, the ravens kept only 3 players in the position of running guard. So we can expect the ravens to add new talent to this position.

Cincinnati Bengals

Tiger team eventually determines the team’s starting kicker, veteran Randy – Bullock in the 5 round of competition in the beat show new Jack Elliot on the team.

cleveland browns nike nfl jerseys

Rookie DeShawn Cazale will serve the Brown team for the new season starting quarterback, and his two backup quarterback Cody Kessler and Kevin Hogan have only one year of NFL experience. Brown has made up his mind to play in the 2017 season in the name of youth.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers wide receiver Sami Coates and Brown team sent to Cleveland for a 2018 sixth round draft pick. This operation is reflected in the Pittsburgh team for the wide receiver depth of confidence, also proved that the great wisdom of management for a rainy day.

Midland South

Houston Texans

After the release of the backup quarterback Brandon Vuitton, Dezhou team’s 2017 season will depend entirely on Tom Savage and the American College Football League champion – rookie quarterback – DeShawn Watson play. Dezhou team would rather give up his seat to Vuitton, the other team position, rather than leaving him to prepare for possible period of want or need.

Indianapolis Colts

Andrew – La never suitable in the match list removed, therefore, after the transaction was Kobe Jia Bulisaite, the Colts active players list 4 quarterback record.