The watchman to the headmaster’s office to see the ball

NFL was first seen on television during the college years and ended in the late 90s. At that time full of go to make progress, take the initiative to join the school patrol team, a group of volunteers in the middle of the night with a flashlight with campus sloshing, which is the maintenance of law and order, actually more often break up affectionate couples. Patrol tired, went to the headmaster’s office to rest, there is a TV, which is placed in the local sports station broadcast of the NFL game.

When the game is a falcon, the other is Chicago or ram, we drank tea and ate a cookie with pauses to see. Soon someone asked, “why can’t you see the ball? Why don’t you stop before you hit it? Why are you wearing a helmet? You can’t see it!”. More and more problems, food less and less, the teacher led the team at the behest of the situation, we grabbed the jacket and a glass of water, after the start of the second round midnight campus tour.
After years of thinking about the game, the details of the memory were basically blurred. The falcons must be on the side of the game, but neither the bear nor the ram can really remember. The detail is impressed by both sides is a partial black jersey, each scene of the collision sound helmet and particularly large, sit in front of the TV and unconsciously lean back, and now play 4D games that feel the same.

The impression I saw 20 minutes of the game, the two sides did not pass the ball, the ball was all over to the front running to sewing the inside bar, then more people stopped, formed a human the Great Wall pushing each other last one corner will collapse, the referee blows the whistle round the end. That’s my first impression of American football. It’s organized, undisciplined, in good health, simple in tactics, out of play. At the time of the game on TV no one explanation, or say no one explanation rules, there was no mobile phone Internet can easily check for these nfl football jerseys questions would really follow me for a long time, until 2003.

In the fall of 2003, I resigned to study at a university in the western United States, where an enthusiastic old American couple invited me to his home for two weeks to help me find a house and settle down through an international student program. The arrival time was Saturday, and the old man was waiting for me at the airport. I was in a hurry to get on the bus when I met him. At home, only to know he was running home to watch the game, Oregon home playing Michigan, is the week when the university football highlights, Michigan was ranked third in the country, Oregon more than 20. Michigan, who had just left home at University of Notre Dame a week ago, instantly became champion of the season.

I took the guest, laid down my luggage, grabbed a bottle of Diet Pepsi, and officially started my American football tour. A couple of years ago, all the questions about football were solved by the landlord and uncle. With the course of the game, he also acted as the second commentary, repeated according to the content of the nfl game jerseys to explain to me, what is called 1234 files, what is the array, what is the additional points?. Now I remember, he gave me a live commentary, it should be some missionary fun, hoping to introduce his favorite sports to rugby white.

Then I got an opportunity in Chinese football commentary, often repeatedly said this 1234 thing, as long as you understand each team has only a four chance with ten yards of the most basic rules, you can see the ease of football. As for whether the third punt, whether this storm four stalls things, watching the game more naturally understand.

Then said the ball, after the first two games, I understand the basic rules, also know a foul is yellow. From the second half, it was a bit of a game. Up to fourth end, Michigan27:31 behind, had to hit fourth stalls, the opponent was stopped by the conversion of the ball. I blurted out that the match had not won. As a result, the landlord, the old man, nodded casually and affirmed my judgment. And then there’s no more.

I feel a bit dizzy when you hurry back to watch the game, the whole process of excited not to the end, do not visit celebrate ah. But it doesn’t matter. Maybe some people just enjoy the process.

Later, after a long time, a friend and the old man go to picnic together, the friend said to me, the landlord was excited to dismantle the house, but considering the China friends don’t know whether to accept the Fauves howl celebration, very wise choice of watching the game with ease of noble character and high prestige, the way.

From there, after three weeks at his house, I watched a series of college and NFL crazy games, and my American football induction course was officially closed. I also fell in love with Diet Pepsi. I had been drinking for several years until I returned home to drink cold water.

2014, that is another spring, there is a Beijing two force youth, standing in the forty-eighth super bowl side of the site. It was the first time I had the honor of visiting the Super Bowl live broadcast. Standing in the side, looking at RW3, Manchester, the beast passing, I really want to watch the football up first in front of the TV scene. Over the past ten years, thanks to the companionship of rugby, it has given us an unusual meaning for the average six months of the year from September to February.