The first show mistake is a sinner

NFL in the first week of the last game against Losangeles by the Denver Broncos lightning, the game although Losangeles 21 to 24 Denver Hanfu, but it can be said that the ups and downs of striking one snag after another. At the last minute, the Losangeles lightning free kick was blocked by the Denver Mustang secret service, causing lightning to fail to drag the game into overtime.

The second section of the game started, lightning team ran Wei Gordon received a pass from Rivers completed a 11 yard touchdown, then Britain will play out in the personal occupation career first additional points, in the fourth quarter Losangeles counter trend, two additional opportunities with Britain will very good grasp. The race to the end, the last ten seconds of time the score was 21 to 24 in Losangeles, relying on their own efforts and the offensive team foul Robbie came to Denver region 30 yards, and hope that through the 3 kick the match into overtime, with Britain will also need to complete the personal occupation career first kick opportunity the first time out, Britain firmly kicked 40 yard free kick, but Denver called timeout, the use of frozen play hand tactics (usually at a moment kicker kicked a timeout in order to change the kicker mentality and playing), then at the second attempt, the Mustang group plays a secret well, from the middle to break the line blocked out the kick out the British Council, Britain will first kick also ended in failure. Eventually, the Mustang won the game at 24 to 21. After the game the Broncos coach said: “frozen in tactical alliance implemented for many years, I called this tactic to see what the rookie (with the British Council), if not we SWAT good play, he may hit a free kick”

Born in Seoul, South Korea, in 1994, his father was a professor at a university in South Korea, authentic usa nfl game jerseys and his mother was a nurse who immigrated to New Jersey with his mother when he was 12 years old. It can be said with English is a native of Korea, he love the most before coming to the United States is football, also won the title of best Korean youth football players, transferred to the United States, with the British Council began his football career at Rich Wood high school. During the high school, the English club played as the kicker and defensive guard in two positions, and in the second year, six times, Ricci became a Wood high school MVP.

Height 175 cm, weight 88 kg, with English in American football is not outstanding, so in College English will serve as physical contact with less in the south of the University of Georgia to play a hand, in the final year of college to play only 20 free kick attempts to throw a ball to play the best hand harvest data at the same time to kick the title, the eighty-eight point six percent southern University of Georgia record refresh rate.

In 2017 with the British undrafted rookie Losangeles lightning was recruited into the team, through the selection of training camp with the British will become successful in victory and veteran Josh – Rambo competition 2017 Losangeles lightning season starting kicker, becoming the fourth player in South Korea born NFL (Hines Ward, Ben Leber, Will Demps). Is also the first native pure grew up in Korea NFL player of Korean descent. The general manager of the lightning team also mentioned in the selection of the British after the meeting: “the British football club is very stable, very strong continuity, we are very fond of his attitude, he also has a strong directional ability to kick off.”.”

Have to say with English will have the cross time significance to enter the NFL League, he proved that native Asians jerseys also have the opportunity to enter the NFL, but also to the Asian players some inspiration, perhaps in the physical and tactical awareness, and the Americans have a gap, but football is a diversified sports, we Asians you can find their own position through its own advantages in the sport of football.