The saints refused!

According to reliable sources, even if the New Orleans Saints running back Adrian Pedersen with the team in the offseason there have been some friction, the team does not currently consider trading Pedersen.

The attitude of the saints may be at the trade deadline to before the change, they may be in the future to the Pedersen deal offer, but New Orleans has realized that Pedersen is a very efficient offensive player, and they need more time for the couple has just joined the team into the saints offense. So, even if there are problems such as the Arizona Cardinals and New York giants need these Pedersen strengthen the ground run teams in the league, there is no deal for Pedersen proposed to emerge. The saints are hoping to stay in touch with Pedersen rather than terminate their contract.

During the opening week against the Minnesota Vikings, Sean and Payton, the saints coach, had been seen communicating on the sidelines of the field. Two people after the game once insisted that it is communication and calm. Pedersen said the public and the media’s response to the matter was too dramatic.

Pedersen took part in the 9 season of the saints team’s season opener, won only 6 runs with the ball and moved 18 yards. nfl jerseys Eventually, the saints gave up their ground attack in the fourth quarter, and finally lost to the Vikings at 19:29.

Pedersen told the media last Thursday: “I didn’t sign for the saints, only for the 9 attack.”. But unfortunately, this is the final course of the game. As far as I’m concerned, personally I think the team needs to make some changes. Mark and I played the last preseason game of the team, but rookie Ingram Alvin Kamala didn’t play in that game jerseys nfl. So when the three of us can play, I understand that the team needs one or two games to adjust our attacking tactics. I’m looking forward to what the team will do this week. ”

However, in today’s saints team against the defending champion of the new England patriots. Pedersen did win 8 more runs than last week. But he only got a 26 yard boost, averaging just 3.3 yards per run, and the longest number of yards he had to push with a single hand was only 6 yards. In contrast, the other Saint Ingram, Mark. The same was the 8 run with the ball, Ingram cut 52 yards, a double push distance from Pedersen and a 28 yard push.